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Shopping conditions

Relationship between buyer and seller is followed by this shopping conditions. All relationships arose between buyer (customer) and seller are followed by Czech Civil code Act No. 89/2012 Coll, as amended, and other valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic. Buyer confirms by the order, that accepts this shopping conditions.

These shopping conditions provide rights and duties between seller and buyer arose from purchase contract or in connection of it´s formation closed by usage of devise of distance communication via online shop running at

These shopping conditions are inseparable part of purchase contract. Purchase contract is made in Czech language.


Correspondence and invoicing address: 

Mgr. Eliška Kubáčová

Mládeže 1002/6

66902 Znojmo

Czech Republic

ID number: 88350908


Questions about products:


Phone number: + 420 608 207 814



Is every natural person who acts out of his business.

Purchase contract:

Purchase contract is enclosed between seller and buyer in Czech language follows the Czech Civil code Act No. 89/2012 Coll, as amended.

Buyer takes a stand with made the contract by device of distance communication. Seller retains the right to cancel the contract before the clothes will be send to the buyer, in this case seller informs buyer immediately by e-mail.

The contractual relationship between the seller and the buyer is established by the delivery of the acceptance of the order (acceptance), which is sent by the seller to the buyer by e-mail, to the e-mail address of the buyer. In the event that the seller cannot fulfill any of the requirements stated in the order, he will send the buyer to the buyer's e-mail address an amended offer indicating possible variants of the order and request the buyer's opinion. The amended offer is considered a new draft of the purchase contract, and the purchase contract is concluded in such a case only upon acceptance by the buyer e-mail.

Price of goods:

By each goods is stated price depends of choosen size of goods/clothes.

Prices are in CZK or EUR.

We are not payer of VAT.


Payment for goods: 

Bank transfer

Figure for payment will be depot after made an order. After the payment is made by buyer seller will send the goods/products by the terms stated by each product and the time of delivery.

In case if the payment isn't credited to the bank account till 4 days from realized an order, the order will be cancelled without any notice.

We accept payments only in CZK and EUR.


Postage and packing:

We send goods by the Czech post, s.p. and delivery company Zásilkovna-Packeta.

Postage and packing to the Czech Republic is 100 CZK.

Postage and packing to Slovak Republic is 190 CZK.

Others countries - price is derived from post service/delivery company charges, weight and size of package. Price can be seen before completion of order.

Prices are stated in CZK or EUR.


Time of delivery:

Delivery time is counted as a time from delivering clothes by seller to chosen carrier, till the time of transfer to the customer. By each products there is availability in working days (this time doesn ´ t include the day of order). Time of availability is not the same as time of delivery.

The Czech Republic – goods is send by Czech post, s.p. or delivery company Zásilkovna, time of delivery is 2-3 days.

Slovakia – goods is send by Czech post or delivery company Zásilkovna, time of delivery is 4-5 days.

Other countries – time of delivery differs depends on destination of delivery. We kindly ask you to write us about the approximate time of delivery.

It can happen that the chosen product will be temporary sell out. If this happen we will inform you as soon as possible. In case of your interest about availability of our products you can contact us number +420 604 255 100 before you make an order.


Usage of goods:

After receive goods/clothes, try it on the dog and make sure that you chose right size and design suitable for your dog. Clothes must be large enough to let dog move free and don´t scratch it.

Don´t leave you dog unattanded.

Don´t let the dog overheat in goods/clothes.

If the clothes doesn´t fit to your dog, not use it and send it back to seller with filled withdrawal of contract form.

Made to measure clothes is not possible to return.

Seller doesn ´t carry responsibility for damage of goods caused by wrong handling or washing by buyer.

Seller is not responsible to buyer´s dog damage caused by wearing bought goods/clothes in incorrect, type, size or inappropriate material for the dog.

There is an information about caring/washing by each goods/clothes.


Customer service:

The buyer can contact the seller by phone at the phone number +608207814:

Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 19 a.m.

Saturday - Sunday from 10 hod. to 17 hod.

Contact by e-mail

The seller responds to messages sent on working days usually within 24 hours, on non-working days within 48 hours.


Withdrawal of contract:

By Czech Civil code buyer who is a natural person has got the right to cancel the contract within 14 days. If you will decide to do this, please, write us by e-mail and fill in this withdrawal form elektronického formuláře. Print it, sign it and send it to us by e-mail While returning the clothes it is necessary to return it with all documents you received and original invoice and signed form (cancelled contract).

If a gift is sent together with the goods, a gift contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller with a release clause; if the buyer withdraws from the purchase contract, he is obliged to return the gift he received for the goods to the seller, as the gift contract has lost its effect.

All costs concerned with return of goods carries buyer.

Made to measure clothes is not possible to return.

Complaint Procedure: 

Liability for defects is governed by applicable legal regulations, namely Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, as amended, and Act No. 89/2012 Coll., specifically its provisions § 1914 to 1925, § 2099 to § 2117, § 2161 to 2174, and these terms and conditions. The seller is responsible to the buyer for the fact that the goods are free of defects at the time of dispatch and acceptance. If the buyer decides to claim any defects in the goods from the seller, he contacts the seller in writing or by means of an e-mail elektronického formuláře (fill in, print it, sign and send to seller ´s e-mail  and printed form send in package is returned goods). The moment when the seller receives the claimed goods from the buyer is considered to be the moment of application of the complaint. This provision does not apply to goods sold at a lower price or to goods for which a lower price was agreed due to a defect, as well as to wear and tear of goods caused by normal use, care, washing.

The buyer/consumer sends the claimed goods registered and insured to the seller's address Mgr. Eliška Kubáčová, Mládeže 6, Znojmo 66902; goods sent on cash on delivery will not be accepted by the seller.

The complaint will be processed within 30 days from the day the seller received the claimed goods from the buyer.


Final provisions:

The seller is not bound in relation to the buyer in the sense of the provisions of § 1826 paragraph 1 letter e) Act No. 89/2012 Coll.

The buyer understands that the seller is not responsible for the intervention of third parties in the content of the website, the use of the website in violation of it and any errors arising as a result of this intervention.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the buyer assumes the risk of a change in circumstances in accordance with § 1765 paragraph 2 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll.

In the event that the legal relationship established by the purchase contract or in connection with its conclusion contains an international element, mutual relations between the seller and the buyer are governed exclusively by Czech legal regulations; this provision shall also apply to relationships established between the seller and the buyer when using the website.

In the event that any of the provisions of the terms and conditions become invalid or ineffective, the validity of the other provisions of these terms and conditions shall not be affected.

The seller reserves the right to change or supplement the wording of the terms and conditions. This does not affect the rights and obligations arising under the effectiveness of the earlier wording of the terms and conditions.

All clothes are hand made in the Czech Republic by seller under registered trade mark DogComfort.

It is prohibited copy texts and image attachments and design/cuts of goods/clothes on the web interface

Valid from 19.01.2023